1080P HDMI to RCA Converter, High-Definition AV Video Adapter, Male to Female RGB Cable, Compatible with TV, Laptop, Xbox, PS2, PS3, STB, VHS, VCR, Camera, DVD, USB Charging, Supports PAL/NTSC Systems


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  • HD Conversion: Supports maximum resolution of 1080P supports audio and video synchronization HD conversion giving you a great audio-visual experience.
  • Remarks:This line is only suitable for the transfer of high-definition players to TV. Other products such as: PS3 are not available. [For products other than TV please research yourself before buying]. The output is digital and analog signal cannot be used.
  • Labor-Saving And Convenient:Easy to use connect PCs DV to the signal source via HDMI and let your TV projector monitor and other old-fashioned devices work.
  • Easy Installation: This hdmi to rca adapter is small and lightweight easy to install and use. Plug and Play Portable and Flexible.
  • Product Features:Our hdmi converter use gold-plated plugs durable pure copper core PVC outer cover sturdy and durable.Gold-plated interface for more stable signal transmission.